Significance of Thanksgiving During Trying Times

Giving thanks is more difficult than it has been in years for so many Americans.  As banks foreclose the economic crisis hits home and has become about more than money.  Families overextended themselves when professionals told them they would fall behind if they didn’t BUY NOW.  Students, young and old took out mountains of loans when shown statistics of graduates obtaining high paying jobs upon graduation.   Insight into the phrase “Buyer beware” is at an all-time high as consumer confidence hits record lows.

This Thanksgiving, imagine the executive salesmen of the country far off in their ivory tower while those of us who labor focus on the fundamentals and give thanks for the basic necessities we have that others do not.

We are thankful for our families who love us, for the food we have to nourish us and for our communities that support us.  Law firms in your community can help you learn about your rights as a consumer, form a business to provide you work when jobs are scarce and identify protections in the law that you were unaware of.

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This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for family, friends, food, football but also the opportunity to give back to my community by advocating for them at a time when the sound of their voice may be the most important thing they have left.

– John Mlnarik, Founder/Principal Bankruptcy Attorney